Weavecentrix Consulting
MAKING THE DIFFERENCEWeavecentrix Consulting

Weavecentrix works to solve the needs of medium to large organisations that use project management systems in an enterprise environment. We specialise in integrating these project management systems for both asset maintenance and project work in ERP environments.  Vertically, we work in oil and gas, utilities, transport and ICT.

Our customers enjoy the following benefits from using our consultancy services:  

  • faster technology integration - leverage the breadth our consultants’ experience.
  • improved technical agility - react swiftly to changes in your customers’ systems and processes.
  • reduced technical risk exposure – avoid reliance on a single architecture model

With Weavecentrix consultancy services, you can leverage off the breadth of our consultants’ integration experience and use our proven and practical integration solutions.  These capabilities result in a reduction in your technical risk exposure and faster and more agile integration solution implementations.

Unlike other business consultancies that approach integration projects with an army of technical specialists, Weavecentrix have a multidiscipline, streamlined team who have a proven understanding of the business and technical complexities of integration projects.

Our solution approach to integration focuses on delivering real business benefits whilst minimising the risks.

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