SAP Filter Template Wizard

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      Starting the Filter Template Wizard

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o     SAP Filter Template File

o     SAP Filter Template Field Selection

o     SAP Filter Template Selected Fields

o     SAP Filter Template Tabs

o     SAP Filter Template Field Assignment to Tabs

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What is the Filter Template Wizard for?

SAPís work order selection screen is the main SAP screen used by maintenance teams for selecting work orders. In its standard form, it has a large number of fields that arenít used. The number of fields on the screen can be changed by using Screen Variants but this is quite complex to use and isnít usually taught to maintenance teams.


Weavecentrix Desktop uses the same fields as SAPís work order selection to extract work orders from SAP. In Weavecentrix Desktop, you select your work orders using filters. The default filter in Weavecentrix Desktop has a few of the most common SAP work order fields in it. You can change the number of fields displayed in your filter by using the Filter Template Wizard.


You can add as many fields as you want to your filter. Unlike SAP, you can arrange these fields in tabs. You can also change the order of the displayed field.

A typically arrangement of tabs has the most frequently used fields on the first tab with the fields which are only occasionally used on another tab. The fields are ordered into groups which make sense for you maintenance business. Fields which you never use are hidden from view.


What is a Filter Template?

A Filter Template is a file used by Weavecentrix Desktop to control the appearance of the SAP Filter. It contains special instructions to Weavecentrix Desktop on which fields to show and in which order. It also controls the use and order of any tabs in your filter. A Filter Template file has the extension "wxt".


Starting the Filter Template Wizard

To start the SAP Filter Template Wizard

1.    Login to SAP using the toolbar button on the SAP toolbar.

2.    Click on the Filter Configuration button on the SAP toolbar or select the Filter Configuration menu option off of the Orders menu.


This loads the wizard and puts you into the wizard welcome screen.

Navigating the SAP Filter Template Wizard

The welcome screen shows the basic navigation buttons used in all of the wizards in Weavecentrix Desktop. The Next and Back buttons move you between the wizardís screens. You can exit out of the wizard at any time using Cancel button on by closing the dialog using the Windows close button at the top right of the dialog.

The wizard starts with the Welcome Screen and then has 5 screens which do the work of the arranging your filter template. These screens are as follows:

      SAP Filter Template File Ė this screen controls which filter template you are editing. You can also create new templates using this screen.

      SAP Filter Template Field Selection Ė you select which work order fields you want to see in you filter using this screen.

      SAP Filter Template Selected Fields Ė this screen lets you change the standard SAP name of any fields that you have selected to be in your filter.

      SAP Filter Template Tabs Ė you can create multiple named tabs to make it easier to arrange the fields in your filter.

      SAP Filter Template Field Assignment to Tabs Ė this screen is used to assign fields to particular tabs and then arrange the order that those fields are displayed on each tab.

Finally, the wizard has a Summary Screen which is used so that you can check any changes you are about to make before you save the changes.


Once you click on the Next button on the Summary Screen, any pending changes are made to your Filter Template. The final screen confirms that these changes have been made. Click on the Finish button to close the wizard.