Start Weavecentrix Desktop and Tour the Interface

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Once Bill has established the priority process he is going to use for this weekly schedule, he knows he is ready to start creating the schedule.

images\planner-forecast-availabili.gif The first thing Bill does is open P3 and creates a blank project set for a time unit of hours which he calls WK24 as it will be the 24th weekly schedule of the year. The only thing that Bill does in the project is to set up the global calendar for a Monday to Friday working week with 8 hour days. Bill knows that Weavecentrix Desktop will take care of everything else for him. That done, he shuts down P3.

Bill double-clicks on the Weavecentrix Desktop icon on his desktop. As it starts up, he quickly checks the man hour estimates that he was given by his crew supervisors and jots down the numbers into his notebook. Heíll be using these estimates as the basis of his weekly schedule.

There is some expected carry over work for both crews that he needs to take off his availability forecast.

He does a quick calculation in his head and comes up with a total of 730 hours that need to be scheduled. Thatís about average for his week.

By this time, the Weavecentrix Desktop window has opened on Billís screen. The workspace is divided vertically into a SAP workspace and a P3 workspace. The SAP workspace is on the left and the P3 workspace on the right. This representation model clearly defines Billís tasks: left-to-right to transfer work orders from SAP to P3; right-to-left to update the dates in SAP with the dates from the P3 schedule.

The diagram below shows the different screen elements that Bill can see. You can click on a screen element to learn more about it and to be given a link to a detailed section about that screen element.

Bill clicks on the icon for logging in to SAP which is on the SAP toolbar. The login dialog pops up and Bill enters his SAP password. The rest of the information need for the dialog is saved from yesterday so he doesnít have to enter it again.

Whilst it is logging in to SAP, Bill clicks on the icon for logging in to P3 which is on the P3 toolbar. By the time he has done that, Weavecentrix Desktop has finished logging on to SAP.



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