Mapping Wizard

In this section:

·      What is the Mapping Wizard for?

·      Starting the Mapping Wizard

·      Navigating the Mapping Wizard

o     Activity Code Screen

o     Work Order Grouping

o     Activity Code Updates

o     Work Centre Resources

o     Material and PRT Resources

o     Activity Code Update Summary

·      How Does Weavecentrix Desktop Map Work Orders between Systems?

o     Mapping Work Centres and Resources

o     Mapping Components and Resources

o     Mapping PRTs and Resources

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What is the Mapping Wizard for?

The Mapping Wizard is an easy to use tool that gives you the ability to control how Weavecentrix Desktop maps work orders between SAP and Primavera P3.


Starting the Mapping Wizard

To start the Mapping Wizard, you need to be logged into both SAP and P3 and you must have a P3 project open and some work orders displayed.

1.    Login to P3 using the toolbar button in the P3 toolbar.

2.    Open the P3 project that you want to

3.    Login to SAP using the toolbar button on the SAP toolbar.

4.    Extract some work orders out of SAP using the filter tool.

5.    Click on the Mapping Wizard icon on the toolbar of either the SAP toolbar or the P3 toolbar.



This loads the wizard and puts you into the wizard welcome screen.


Navigating the Mapping Wizard

The welcome screen shows the basic navigation buttons used in all of the wizards in Weavecentrix Desktop. The Next and Back buttons move you between the wizard’s screens. You can exit out of the wizard at any time using Cancel button on by closing the dialog using the Windows close button at the top right of the dialog.

The wizard starts with the Welcome Screen and then has 6 screens which do the work of the configuring your mapping rules. These screens are as follows:

·      Activity Code Screen – select which SAP work order fields you want to use as activity codes in Primavera P3.

·      Work Order Grouping – organise the work orders on the main screen of Weavecentrix Desktop into groups

·      Activity Code Updates – decide if you want to be warned every time Weavecentrix Desktop changes Primavera P3’s activity code dictionary.

·      Work Centre Resources – decide how SAP’s work centres are to be represented in your Primavera P3 project resources.

·      Material and PRT Resources – decide how SAP’s components and PRTs are to be represented in your Primavera P3 project resources.

·      Activity Code Update Summary – review any changes that Weavecentrix Desktop will make to your Primavera P3 project activity code dictionary.

Finally, the wizard has a Summary Screen which is used so that you can check any changes you are about to make before you save the changes.


Once you click on the Next button on the Summary Screen, any changes are made to your mapping rules. The final screen confirms that these changes have been made. Click on the Finish button to close the wizard.