Learning Weavecentrix Desktop

Learn about Weavecentrix Desktop in a variety of ways: follow the Quick Guides, view the Product Tour, or use the Help system.

For more information see:

      Getting Help

      Viewing the Product Tour

      Weavecentrix Desktop Workspace

      Basic Steps for Integration

      How Does Weavecentrix Desktop Map Work Orders between Systems?

      Using Quick Guides to learn common tasks

o     Logging in to SAP

o     SAP Filter Template Wizard

o     SAP Work Order Filters

o     SAP Summary Screen Wizard

o     Logging on to Primavera P3

o     Project Configuration Wizard

o     Opening Your Project

o     P3 Summary Screen Wizard

o     Mapping Wizard

o     Transferring Work Orders

o     Updating SAP Schedule Dates

o     Unlocking a Work Order's SAP Schedule


To see how Weavecentrix Desktop is applied in different business scenarios, see:

      Weekly Scheduling

      Minor Shuts and Opportunity Outages

      Major Shutdown Planning