Getting Started

This guide is an overview to assist you in getting yourself up and running with Weavecentrix Desktop. In this guide, you will get pointers to the relevant sections in the help that provide an in-depth coverage of functionality and procedures.

System Requirements

Before you go anywhere with Weavecentrix Desktop, you should review the section on System Requirements. This looks at your computer systemís requirements as well as the versions of SAP supported. This version of Weavecentrix Desktop is for Primavera P3 and the version information for that is included as well.

Getting Help

Weavecentrix Desktop comes with an extensive online help system. The section on Getting Help describes how you can access the help system, gives you some hints as to where you can find the best sources of information within the help and it also gives you some tips for using the help to the most effect. The Product Tour is a good place to get an overview of Weavecentrix Desktop.


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Weavecentrix Desktop can be installed from CD or downloaded from the Weavecentrix website. The section on Installing Weavecentrix Desktop takes you through these installation procedures. It also shows you how you can get an Evaluation License for Weavecentrix Desktop.





Once you install Weavecentrix Desktop, you will receive a 30 day evaluation license for the product. The section on Evaluating Weavecentrix Desktop talks about how you can use this evaluation license to see how Weavecentrix Desktop can be used to help boost the maintenance productivity of your organisation.

To be able to evaluate Weavecentrix Desktop effectively, you will need to set up an evaluation environment for it. This is usually a test system for your SAP system as you should not be doing your evaluation testing in a productive SAP environment. This gives you a chance to evaluate the product without disrupting your live maintenance schedules.

Once you have evaluated Weavecentrix Desktop, there is a section on Purchasing a Commercial License which talks about the steps you will go through for converting your license to a full license and installing Weavecentrix Desktop on your production SAP system.

Connecting to SAP

Weavecentrix Desktop can be installed and working in minutes. If people run into a problem, this is usually with setting up their SAP connection. There are two parts to the SAP connection.

Firstly, there is the electronic connection to the SAP system. This is usually already set up for you but finding out the settings needed may need the help of your SAP helpdesk. The section Setting Up Your SAP Connection talks about these settings and gives you the questions you need to ask your SAP helpdesk.

Secondly, there is user authorisations required by SAP to run Weavecentrix Desktop. These user profiles are listed in the section SAP User Profiles. Your SAP helpdesk may need to change your user profile to reflect these permissions before you can connect to SAP and run Weavecentrix Desktop.

Mapping Rules

Before you start transferring work orders between SAP and Primavera P3, itís a good idea to review the section on How Does Weavecentrix Desktop Map Work Orders between Systems? so that you can understand the implications of bringing SAPís work orders into P3.

Running through a Integration

Once you have connected to your evaluation SAP system and have review the mapping rules for Weavecentrix Desktop, you can start your first integration. The section Basic steps for integration walks you through each stage of the integration in order and can be used as a quick reference guide. The Product Tour walks you through the application of this and most people find it useful to follow this through at least once.

Business Scenarios

After looking at how Weavecentrix Desktop integration works, you can now have a look at the business scenarios to see how your own organisations plant maintenance strategies can be applied with Weavecentrix Desktop. The business scenarios covered are:

      Weekly Scheduling

      Minor Shuts and Opportunity Outages

      Major Shutdown Planning