Getting Help

In this section:

·      Accessing the Help System

·      Finding Help for Weavecentrix Desktop Features

·      Tips for using Weavecentrix Desktop Online Help

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Accessing the Help System

In this Help system, you will find explanations of the many features in Weavecentrix Desktop, as well as tips to guide you through the program's basic functionality.

To access the help, choose Help > Weavecentrix Desktop Help, press <F1> or click on the Help buttons on the Weavecentrix Desktop toolbars.

Most wizards and dialogs also have a Help button. Click it to display context-sensitive help for the particular dialog box you are working in. You can also press the <F1> key.


Finding Help for Weavecentrix Desktop Features


If you…

Try this…

Are new to Weavecentrix Desktop and want an overview of tools and features.

·      Browse through the Product Tour section to get an overview of Weavecentrix Desktop.

·      Run through the topics in the Basic Steps for Integration to see how the product works.

·      Look at one of the business scenarios to see how it is used in real-world situations and get a feel for how it can be applied in your industry: Weekly Scheduling; Minor Outages and Major Shutdowns.

Are looking for detailed information about a feature.


·      Search for the feature in Weavecentrix Desktop Help or looking it up in the index.

·      Look at the section Basic Steps for Integration and follow the references to the more detailed help.

·      Us the contents list to find a chapter that covers the topic in general and then browse through the contents of the section using the browse arrows.


Want information on keyboard shortcuts.


·      See the Keyboard Shortcuts section and the section on Navigating around Weavecentrix Desktop.


Tips for using Weavecentrix Desktop Online Help

·      Use the Search box in the help toolbar to quickly locate topics of interest.

·      Click browse sequence arrows to go to the next topic or the previous topic in the browse sequence. See the diagram below to locate these buttons.

·      Click the See Also link to display a list of related topics that you can click and go to.

·      Click on the Contents button to show the Contents sidebar if you ever close it.

·      Maximise the window or resize it if you want while viewing Help.