Getting an Evaluation Licence

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You obtain your evaluation license by using the license assistant to request a license. Your license is then emailed to you. Finally, you are required to activate your license which you can either do online or offline.


Licensing Assistant

When you install Weavecentrix Desktop, the first time you start it up, the Licensing Assistant will be displayed. You can also view the Licensing Assistant at anytime by selecting it from the Help menu.




To get your evaluation license, you need to select the radio button "I would like to get an evaluation license" and then click on the Next button. You are then asked for your contact details.




Once you have entered your contact details, click on the Next button. The next screen in the Licensing Assistant is for setting up your internet connection. For most people, you can leave this at the default of "Direct connection". Your company may use a firewall system that requires your to go through a proxy server. In that case, contact your network administrator to find out the proxy URL and port.




Once you have set up your internet connection, click on the Finish button. The Licensing Assistant will now go and request an evaluation license on your behalf. This may take several minutes. You will see the process as it connects to the licensing server and processes your request.




When your evaluation request has been received and processed by the licensing server, your evaluation license will be emailed to you.




The next panel of the Licensing Assistant tells you what is happening and asks you to look in your inbox of your email client. You should expect the email to arrive within a couple of minutes. The license will be a file attached to the email message. Save the file to a location on your computer, making sure that you remember where you saved it.




Once you have saved your evaluation license to your computer, click on the checkbox on the panel, saying that you have received the license and click on the Next button.




You are then asked to locate the license file using the browse button next to the edit box. Once you have located it, click on the Finish button.