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Contacting the Sales Team

The Weavecentrix Desktop Sales Team operates out of Weavecentrix Melbourne office. The contact details are as shown below.



Weavecentrix Melbourne
40a Mason Street
Victoria 3015


+61 3 9391 8805


+61 3 9391 8845



Office hours

Monday to Friday
9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Australian Eastern Time


Evaluation Trials of Weavecentrix Desktop

The evaluation license for Weavecentrix Desktop is free and is valid for a 30 day period. If you would like to extend your evaluation period beyond the free 30 days, please contact our sales team so we can assist you in your product evaluation of Weavecentrix Desktop.



Weavecentrix have a policy of using customer feature requests to bring new features into Weavecentrix Desktop or to enhance existing features or functionality. Where possible, we will roll in these enhancements on the basis of the most requested first. Remember, as a commercial license holder, you do not have to pay each time a new upgrade comes out your upgrade is delivered as part of your license agreement.

You may feel that a new feature of a change to existing functionality in Weavecentrix Desktop will significantly bring benefit to your organisation and you do not wish to wait for it to be delivered as part of the normal product enhancement process.

In this case, Weavecentrix can roll-in the functionality early as part of a consultancy agreement. Please contact the Weavecentrix sales team to discuss your consultancy requirements.


Out of Hours Support

Weavecentrix can provide you with support agreement for Weavecentrix Desktop outside of our normal support hours or during holiday periods. This agreement is designed to cover intensive maintenance periods such as shutdowns which continue outside of the office support hours. Please contact the sales team to discuss your special support arrangements.