Basic Steps for Integration

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This section is a quick guide to using Weavecentrix Desktop. It walks you through the basic process for using it and indicates where you can find additional help resources if you need them.

Before you walk through these steps, you should make sure that you can log in to SAP and log in to Primavera P3 using the menu items in Weavecentrix Desktop. You may have to configure your SAP connection before you can login to SAP.

There are also three process scenarios that can help you apply these steps in a real world setting. These process scenarios are:

      Weekly Scheduling

      Minor Shuts and Opportunity Outages

      Major Shutdown Planning


In the diagram below, you can click on the blocks to be taken to the relevant section. There are also links to these sections together with a quick summary below the diagram.



      Selecting work orders get work orders out of SAP using Work Order Filters.

      Opening your P3 project get activities out of your Primavera P3 project.

      Transferring work orders taking your SAP work orders and creating activities from them in your Primavera P3 project.

      SAP resources in your project shows you how Weavecentrix Desktop uses the resource information contained in your work order when it sets up resources in your Primavera P3 project.

      Working with work orders in your project using the transferred information in your Primavera P3 project group and sort your activities into work orders.

      Updating the work order schedule using your newly scheduled work orders from your Primavera P3 project to update the schedule in the SAP work orders.

      Progressing work orders demonstrates using the techniques for using SAP actuals when applying progress to your activities in your Primavera P3 project.

      Compliance reporting shows you how Weavecentrix Desktop can help you in producing your compliance reports.