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Weavecentrix Desktop


Spent time working on getting the best out of your schedule and not on shuffling work order data around.  Use Weavecentrix Desktop to get your work orders into your schedule, quickly and intelligently coded.


Key Features


Key Benefits

Simple, out-of-the-box installation

Start creating your P3 schedules straight away

Fast return on your investment

Uses P3 to manage your SAP schedule

Lets you as the scheduler use the best tool for the job

Protect your investment in your scheduler’s training and get the best use out of their experience.

Twin-panel view give you a simple side-to-side comparison

Easy to understand dual system representation

Reduces the investment you need to make in staff training


Easy to use front-end on your desktop with well structured menus and toolbars representing the most commonly used tasks.

Use a familiar desktop environment

Extensive on-line help system, featuring context sensitive help

Help on demand, relevant to the task you are doing

Progress bars, status lights and status messages

Keep you in the loop as transfers between SAP and P3 are progressed, showing you clearly how long is still to go

Easily change the work order and activity fields you see on the screen through helpful wizards

See the work order information that means the most to you, letting the tool work for you

Spent more time optimising your maintenance schedule by quickly selecting work orders based on the priorities relevant to your business

Drill down on work orders and activities on the screen to see the detailed information

You don’t have to switch between multiple tools for more information

View work orders and activities on screen grouped by the same criteria by using the mapping wizard

Helps you build your schedule based on you’re the priorities that matter to you

Mapping Wizard to quickly and simple change the way SAP work orders are set up in P3.

Spend less time manipulating data into the way that you need it and reduce errors through entering data in to different systems.

More time spent using your schedule to increase your maintenance productivity and less time wasted getting information into the schedule in the first place

Automatically creates your activities in P3, coded the way you want them to be

Puts the information into your schedule that you need to manage the schedule priority

Flexible filters for extracting SAP work orders which you can change using a simple filter wizard

Quickly change the way that you extract work orders, reacting to the changes in maintenance priorities.

Improve maintenance agility through the ability to quickly reschedule as priorities change

Quickly change your schedule by changing the SAP work orders in your schedule and the priority that you schedule them

React quickly to manage changes in the priority of your maintenance activities

Use SAP’s actual dates, work and costs in your P3 schedule

Progress your P3 schedule using SAP’s progress.

Sets up work centre resources in P3 with capacity information from SAP

Lets you use resource levelling in your schedule

Optimise your resource utilisation, increasing your maintenance productivity

Automatically creates resource assignments in your P3 schedule

Show your resource loading on our schedule

Sets up PRT and component assignments against your P3 activities

Manage PRT and component availability as part of your P3 schedule

Reduce logistics delays by optimising your demands through driving them from your maintenance schedule

Update SAP schedule dates from your P3 schedule

Drive your SAP maintenance schedule from your P3 schedule

Optimise your SAP maintenance schedule by using best-of-breed scheduling techniques



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