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It’s now Tuesday morning of week 26. Bill spent most of Monday in either management meetings or shutdown planning meetings. It was a long day.

The shutdown coordination meeting with the production team ran over schedule, as per usual, and Bill didn’t get a chance to have a chat with the maintenance team crew supervisors as he normally does. Usually, they come into the office to enter SAP confirmations for completed work. Recently, they’ve been entering partial confirmations as well for work orders started but not completed. This is because of a new schedule compliance KPI for work started on schedule which gives them credit for starting jobs on time.

Whilst the crew supervisors are entering their confirmations, Bill normally gets a chance to discuss any issue that have come up which are likely to impact the schedule and any concerns that they have over the job schedule for the rest of the week. Because he was tied up in meetings, Bill checks his in-tray for any notes from the crew supervisors. Kevin Harrington, who heads up the instrumentation techs, has left a note asking Bill to cal him about a panel circuit board that is being flown in from Germany.

Bill checks the tracking number on the UPS consignment, verifying that the shipment is on track to arrive on time for the alarm panel teardown. He gives Kevin a call, reassuring him that the part will be there on time. Whilst he has him on the phone, Bill checks with Kevin on the status of upgrades to the fuel gas heater booster panel which started on Monday morning. He makes a couple of notes but there doesn’t look like they will impact the schedule.

With no other messages from the crew supervisors, Bill starts up Weavecentrix Desktop. He’s going to get the actuals from Sap and put them into his P3 schedule. There’s normally something that drops out of that process that will need following up, even at this early stage of the schedule.

Bill logs into SAP by clicking on the button on the Sap toolbar. Whilst it is logging on, he clicks on the button on the P3 toolbar for logging in to P3. He then opens up the week 26 project using the Open Project toolbar button. Now he needs to get the work orders in his area that were started on Monday. He opens the filter dialog using the button on the SAP toolbar and enters Monday’s date as an actual start date. The fields which restrict the work orders to his work area are part of the defaults for this filter so he doesn’t have to enter them each time.

Weavecentrix Desktop downloads the work orders and Bill transfers them to his P3 project by selecting all of them and then clicking on the Transfer button on the SAP toolbar.

That done, he then opens P3 and loads the week 26 project, WK26, which contains his weekly schedule. He immediately sees by the different coloured bars on the Gantt chart that the actual dates have been loaded into his project.

After a few minutes looking at the progress, Bill spots what could be a problem. Brent Miller’s mechanical techs didn’t start one of the oil cooler jobs until the afternoon. They’d been scheduled to start mid-morning. Bill doesn’t have to reschedule to know that the knock on effect could make them unavailable for the start of the condenser line outage, jeopardising the tight schedule on that.

It looks like they probably had some more problems with the carryover work from Friday. Bill gives Brent a call and confirms that a problem hit them. They discuss what happened and Bill makes a couple of notes to add to the job history. Apparently, the emergency air compressor manufacturer’s manual is the wrong version for the equipment which meant that they had to keep going back for different sized tools. Eventually, they got the manufacturer to fax through the correct datasheets for the service but the job still overran by a few hours.

Because of the delays, Bill will need to reschedule their work so that they are available for the start of the condenser line outage. Bill and Brent discuss the options available to them and agree to bring forward a couple of smaller jobs which were originally scheduled for later in the week. One of the larger jobs will move back until after the end of the condenser line outage finish. There might be some minor reshuffling with the rest of the work but Bill agrees to doing the reschedule and having it available for Brent by lunchtime.

Bill goes back into P3 and quickly rearranges the jobs and does a reschedule. He spends a good 20 minutes, making sure that the confirmations so far are in line with projections. He uses the earned value graph on the resource profile view and even goes as far as to print off an earned value report. He also prints off schedule updates for the crew supervisors.

Once Bill is happy with his schedule, he goes back to Weavecentrix Desktop and opens up the P3 project again. He selects his work orders in the P3 window and clicks on the Transfer button on the P3 toolbar. This will make sure that the schedule in Sap is the same as the updates schedule he has in P3.

Bill will do this on a daily basis for the rest of the week.

Bill’s ability to quickly reschedule as situations develop and priorities change has helped his maintenance group lead the plant in schedule compliance. This maintenance agility has also improved their maintenance productivity. They have been recognised as significant contributors to the improvements in plant uptime.

We’ll conclude the product tour at this point. We hope it has helped you get a feel for how Weavecentrix Desktop can help you get the most out of your maintenance schedule.

For an overview of the steps that Bill used in this tour, take a look at the section called Basic Steps for Integration.

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