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As soon as Bill has opened his P3 project for his week 26 weekly schedule, he is ready to begin transferring work orders from SAP into his project.

Bill’s first step is to select the work orders to transfer.

From his notes on priority, Bill selects all the PM01 work orders. Just by looking, Bill knows that he needs a lot more work orders to fill his schedule so he selects all of the PM02 work orders as well. He does this by clicking on the first work order in the PM01 group and then, whilst holding down the shift key, clicks on the last work order in the PM02 group. This highlights all the work orders in his selection. Bill clicks on his spacebar to mark the work orders with a tick. It is the ticked work orders only that will be processed on a transfer.

Bill thinks that those work orders will be sufficient for the first pass but he will no doubt be back for more before his schedule is complete.

He now moves on to the second stage which is the transfer itself.

Bill looks at the SAP toolbar at the top of the SAP window. On of the toolbar icons that were greyed out before was the Transfer button. It is shaped like an arrowhead. It became active once Bill opened his P3 project.

Satisfied, for now, with the work orders that he wants in his project, Bill clicks on the Transfer button on the SAP toolbar.


Transferring Work Orders


As soon as he does this, progress bars and status messages on both the SAP and P3 status bars start showing the progress and Bill can see the activities being added on the P3 window. When the transfer is complete, both the SAP and P3 windows show the green status light, indicating that the processing is now finished.

Bill does a quick visual check on the line up of work orders in the SAP windows with the work orders now showing in the P3 window. The work orders are grouped by work order types in both windows. Under the work order types PM01 and PM02, the work orders match line for line. There are no work orders in the P3 window for order types PM03 and above as Bill hasn’t transferred any yet.

Happy with the transfer, Bill’s next step will be to go into P3 to build his schedule. Experience has taught him that he normally comes back to Weavecentrix Desktop to get more SAP work orders. Therefore, instead of shutting it down, he juts clicks on the Logout of P3 button on the P3 toolbar. This frees up his P3 license so that he can work in P3.

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