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Before starting transferring work orders across to next week’s schedule, Bill wants to have a quick check on last week’s schedule. He can’t remember off the top of his head the forecast end dates for a couple of jobs in the same condenser line as the scheduled outage for the repair job. Rather than start P3 and then open the project for that weekly schedule, Bill can open the project in Weavecentrix Desktop directly and look at the work orders there.

To open last week’s project, Bill clicks on the Open Project toolbar icon on the P3 toolbar. He selects the project called WK25 from the list and then clicks on the Open button. As the project for week 25’s weekly schedule loads, Bill keeps an eye on the progress bar and the status messages. Once the project is fully loaded, the status light on the P3 window changes to a green light. Bill looks at the summary screen in the P3 window and sees that the activities are grouped into work order types and then by work orders. Bill knows that he can quickly and easily change the way the activities are grouped by using the Mapping Wizard.

Bill scrolls down the list until he finds the first of the two work orders he wanted to have a closer look at. Finding it, he clicks on the plus icon at the work order level which expands the work order out to the activity level. Bill has used the P3 Summery Screen Wizard to arrange the displayed fields at the activity level so that he can see the forecast dates. This one looks OK so Bill moves on to the next work order and double checks that one as well.

After finishing his checks, Bill is now ready to start working on the week 26 weekly schedule.

Bill clicks on the Open Project toolbar icon again and opens the WK26 project this time. The WK25 project is closed and WK26 opens. Bill doesn’t see any activities yet but that’s because he hasn’t transferred any yet. That’s the next step on the tour.



Open P3 Project


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